Matt Lebrun

Hi! I'm Matt Lebrun

I develop web and data processing applications in Python. I'm also an advocate of the Python Philippines community. Most importantly, I love to learn and teach about Python programming.


Some of the companies I'm connected with.


The tech communities I'm involved with in the hopes of making a positive change in my country's IT industry.


I like building tools/scripts to make my life easier as a developer. Did I also mention I love teaching and geeking out about tech, life hacks, career and personal development? Here's a few worth sharing.

Do you need someone to teach you Python programming?

I teach the ff. topics in Python:

  • Python Programming Fundamentals
  • Web Development in Python
  • Data Processing in Python

Other topics I teach:

  • Version Control with Git
  • Development Setup with Docker
  • Bash and Shellscripting

Professionally, I've built various applications in Python from simple scripts, automation scripts, web applications, to whole data processing pipelines utilizing different technologies.

So if you need to use Python for a specific purpose or you have other topics in mind? Let me know.

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