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use different git ssh key per project

If you happen to be using different git accounts with they're own SSH keys; i.e. you use different keys for deployment, personal, company A, company B, etc.

Then you probably have wondered how to tell git which key to use to manage the repo.

You could use the ...

so long 2013, thanks for all the fish!

Another year has been shaved off of my remaining years of existence and its high time to reflect on all of my experiences.


2013 was a year filled with unexpected, yet pleasant turn of events. A lot of milestones have been reached earlier than expected.

Now for the ...

new year, new home for my domains

Its almost Christmas and the domains I've registered last year are a few days short of expiration. Its time to make a choice!

GoDaddy - a brief background

Last year I got myself several nice domains for a very cheap price at GoDaddy. I was pretty much new with buying ...

the setup

I was browsing the social networks today and chanced upon The Setup which is a website that features interviews of people (mostly geeks) where they get to talk about what they do and then elaborate more on what tools (hardware and software) they use to get shit done. I thought ...

the way of the pelican and the order of silly walks

Once there was boy who wrote magnificent stories about technology and the internets. He talked about tales of discoveries and adventures, of code and sorcery, of... well you get the point.

Let me tell you his story.

the art of blogging

For many months he poured all of his energy ...

why you don't need to know everything right away

Learning and researching about a new technology or problem area is a very exciting activity for programmers.

Curiosity, for a programmer, is like an insatiable impulse. An unquenchable thirst. You take your time as you browse through one information to another. Consuming content after content. This can span from hours ...

hello world! v2.0: reflections on leaving the 9-5 life

My recent move to finally join (full-time) the tech start-up scene made me reflect once again on this topic.

I feel like I've just stepped into the "unknown abyss" that we call the entrepreneurial road where a steady monthly paycheck is out of the question. This is quite a ...