Matt Lebrun

Hello, I'm Matt Lebrun.

I teach people how to become effective Python programmers and I am a volunteer of the Python Philippines community.


I'm a Fullstack Software Engineer with more than a decade of experience building web and data processing applications. These days, I work as a Lead Developer and run a Python training business.


I've been volunteering for the Python community in the Philippines since 2012. What started as a small meetup group has now grown to be a community with over 14,000 members! Its where I try to make a positive change in our IT industry.


I like building tools and scripts to make my life easier. I also love teaching and geeking out about tech, life hacks, career and personal development. I sometimes talk about them on my blog, twitter, and share it on github.

Do you need someone to teach you Python programming?

Check our courses at CodeHappy!

We are a grassroots business built as a result of our passion for learning and teaching.

We have trained and coached students, career shifters, and software engineers in the telecoms, fintech, and outsourcing industries, and the government.

or you just want to say hi?

Perhaps we met at a conference and you want to catch up, or you're interested in getting involved with PythonPH, or you think I can help you with anything relating to my expertise?

I try my best to accomodate and answer all questions. Worst case is I can't help you but I will try to point you to another direction.

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